Aluf Commander High Density Bag-24x33, Black, 6 mic, .24 mil

Item # PL08-3A

  • Gallon Capacity: 12-16
24 x 33, Black, 6 mic, .24 mil, 1000/cs
Alternate #C-R243306B
  • Description

Aluf's Coreless Interleaved High density Rolls offer bags that are easy to handle, store, dispense and track. Popular among cleaning crews, janitors, maid services and the health care market, Coreless Interleaved Rolls are strong, affordable and more convenient than standard high density bags. This extremely efficient item enables cleaning crews to receive the exact number of bags necessary for their routes. Just place the coreless roll in the can, remove one bag and a new one is available at the bottom of the can.

Gallon Capacity: 12-16.