E-Mist® EM360™ Electrostatic Cordless Backpack Sprayer - Gal.

Item # E099-32

  • Provides faster, more consistent application reducing labor and chemical costs. Allows for one person to disinfect and entire room in seconds and up to 54,000 sq ft per hour.
  • Cordless with 2 hour continuous battery life; Lithium-Ion Smart battery, 14.4VDC
  • One gallon tank. Empty weight: 16 lbs. Filled weight: 25 lbs.
  • Droplet size: 85 micron. Easy conversion from backpack to roller cart
Gal., ea
Alternate #EM36-BPBD-2825
  • Description

The EM360 Electrostatic application system applies disinfectant solution with its patented technology to environmental surfaces with precision. Spray distance of 24-36". The application methodology enables optimum effectiveness. System includes: (1) applicator, (1) power pack, (1) tank, (1) harness, (1) holster, (1) ESD grounding strap, (1) rechargeable battery, and (1) battery charger.