Karcher® B 60 W Bp Scrubber w/KIK & S65 Brush Head

Karcher® B 60 W Bp Scrubber w/KIK & S65 Brush Head

Item # B60

  • Intelligent scrubber with KIK (Karcher Intelligent Key) system. Large 16 gallon tank-in-tank for extended operating time and range.
  • Brush working width: 26"; Working width suction: 37"
  • Battery: 245 AH
  • Power consumption, entire device: 900 W
Alternate #98411740

The brush can be easily raised by pressing down on the conveniently placed pedal. The pedal is textured to ensure secure operation even with wet shoes. The extended edge provides additional security.


  • Battery operation with on-board charger.
  • the squeegee can be lifted manually using a lever to lock into place, allowing for more control.
  • The contact pressure of the brush head can easily be adjusted manually to suit individual requirements. This optimizes the cleaning process and energy consumption.
  • The KIK system offers much greater protection against operator errors. Supervisors can preset the B 60 operation settings for specific cleaning jobs and areas, the operator only needs to insert the key. The machine can only be started with the associate
  • The charging curve of the standard built-in charger protecting the batteries and ensuring long run times and long battery life.
  • In eco! Efficiency mode, the brush speed and suction force is reduced to a level adequate for relatively light soiling. In this mode the noise level is also reduce up to 3 dB (A), making the B 60 the right choice for cleaning in noise-sensitive areas. S
  • The large fresh water filling inlet is located on the front of the machine, the extra large integrated funnel makes it easy to fill the machine from a bucket. The fresh water inlet cap is held by a retainer so it won't get lost.
  • The squeegee setting has a major effect on drying results. To simplify the task of finding the best squeegee position, Karcher has developed a simple adjuster that allows the squeegee angle to be set in one easy motion.
  • The support wheels can be adjusted with a hand-screw and can also be placed ahead of the squeegee blade. This prevents wheel streaking on sensitive floors. Oil-resistant squeegee blades made of transparent polyurethane are standard on squeegees with sup
  • The easy operating squeegee lever is positioned in the middle for convenient use by both right-handers and left-handers and locks in the up position.